Friday, February 16, 2007

Introducing BigotLand

Introducing BigotLandtm, an entertainment center like Branson , Missouri , only for, by and about bigotry. In BigotLandtm, you can visit the Michael Richards Komedy Klubtm, or shoot hoops in the Tim Hardaway Three-Point Hatezonetm. Party with Borat and the Redneck Fratboys in Trailer-Trash Quartertm. Visit Xenophobe Islandtm, where you can mock & persecute the ethnic group of your choice! And Hypocrite Hilltm, where you can engage in behavior you pretend to detest. And don't forget to leave your hard-earned cash at the William Bennet Honorary Casinotm!

Yes, BigotLandtm has it all! Gay bashing! Date Raping! Church Bombing! Even Negro Dragging with pickup trucks! Call 1-800-222-HATE. That number again, 1-800-222-HATE. Call today!

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