Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Family Values Party Lobbies For and Gets Extended Bar Hours

In its latest display of hypocrisy, the Grand Old Party, longtime defenders of wholesome Christian values, has lobbied for extended bar hours during its five-day visit to St. Paul later this summer. And in its latest display of spinelessness, the Democrat dominated Minnesota Legislature caved in to the demands.

Now, as frequent BDM readers know, I am totally in favor of laxer liquor laws, especially if it means increased revenue from out-of-towners. As DFL Representative and proposal co-sponsor Phyllis Kahn says, "Las Vegas is open all night long and New Orleans is open till dawn. I spend a lot of time in cities like New York and Montreal and they all seem to have later drinking times." But when harmless neighborhood watering holes have such a hard time keeping their liquor licenses, it seems odd to toss out the rules for a five-day political convention. Why not simply follow Kahn's reasoning all the time and let bars and liquor stores stay open as late as they like? What makes this decision even odder is that the political party for whom the rules are being bent is the notorious Family Values Party, home of this guy and this guy and this guy. I'll bet they wouldn't change the liquor laws for the Green Party. [Although rumor has it local & state police are going to lighten up on marijuana enforcement during the GOP convention in order to facilitate a more subdued protest atmosphere. ;-)]


moondancer said...

Plus the sex workers, male and female, need to be heavily intoxicated to perform with those swine. Gooper Pols may be dumb, but they're not stupid.

JasonC said...

it's GOP hypocrisy at it's finest. going off what moondancer said, why don't we just suspend anti-prostitution laws for these five days? you know, so then the wingnuts can really party!


Brian Donohue said...

Actually, what's planned for the protesters is violence -- the Minneapolis PD has ordered an additional 300 stun guns for the event (I don't have the specific link, though it's at my blog and the story was in

By the way, I came here for the first time because I posted a comment at 1GM about the Olbermann defense of GE, in which I found myself sort of agreeing with "Big Daddy", as strange as it seems to be in Bill-O's corner on a single point.

Big Daddy Malcontent said...

Yeah, I think I'm going camping that week or something. I don't want tear gas for breakfast.