Friday, October 29, 2010

Reality - 11, Obama - 0

Obama vs. Reality

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crimes R Crimes

So George W. Douche says his biggest failure was not privatizing Social Security, a sentiment shared by Republicans in Congress. Meanwhile, Obama wants to make cuts to Social Security in order to balance the budget. So as usual, our choices are shitty or really shitty.

Well, here's what pisses me off about the Social Security debate and about Americans in general:

In France, the president -- a conservative, mind you -- suggests raising the retirement age by two years and people go apeshit. They halt oil production and disrupt trains and clash with riot police and so forth. In this country, the president -- a liberal, mind you (nominally at least) -- suggests the same thing and...nada, zilch, crickets chirp, leaves rustle.

Cutting Social Security is considered A-OK simply because it's less bad than the Republican plan. But the secret no one wants us to hear is that there's nothing wrong with Social Security. It's fine. The way to balance the budget is to end our two (or more) illegal, un-winnable foreign occupations and return the tax schedule to pre-Bush levels. I mean, it's a simple fix and nobody is suggesting it, except for a few non-viable types like the Green Party and Bernie Sanders, etc.

America is over. When your choices are between two Wall Street hookers, the only option is to stock up on toilet paper and brace for the worst. We are getting the government we deserve.

EDIT: I don't know what the fuck is up with this piece of shit blogging software. I've changed the fourth paragraph to the same motherfucking font as the rest of the paragraphs 20 motherfucking times, but it insists on staying like that. You would think that Google, with all their trillions of dollars, would be able to come up with a rudimentary blogging program, but I guess they're too busy colluding with Verizon to give a fuck about little details like text consistency in their shitty fucking software. Fuck this fucking country. I CANNOT WAIT to see this fucking shit hole go down in flames. I will waste my last breath laughing.