Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Three Outta Five Ain't Bad

Drunk on hubris, three out of the last five Republican administrations have been rocked by scandal, irrefutably demonstrating the ‘moral values’ party’s utter contempt for the electorate.
Watergate, Iran-Contra and now Plamegate have managed to bubble to the surface despite the main$tream media’s steadfast resolve to focus instead on lotto winners, celebrity breakups and natural disasters. Even after the churning cesspools become too putrid to ignore, said corporate press does its best to convince the suspicious-but-gullible masses that these are isolated incidents and not symptoms of a never-ending determination to usurp the democratic process.
Of course, the Democrats are not free from blame; indeed, Bill Clinton helped to insure that four consecutive decades have seen legal action against the White House, contributing to the increasing public perception that Republicans and Democrats are merely two branches of the same morally bankrupt, corporate run political structure. But whereas Republican scandals blossom until they are too huge even for the “Fourth Estate” to ignore, Democratic scandals are brought to light by the endless ferreting of the so-called liberal media. How much sooner might Shrub’s administration have crumbled had the press given the same attention to Jeff Gannon, the Downing Street Memo and the President’s notorious intake that they gave to Whitewater, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinski?
In any case, whether you’re an idealist or a cynic, a liberal, a conservative or a moderate, a Northeastern Elitist or a Bible thumping redneck, you find yourself – yet again – trying to make heads or tails of a complicated presidential scandal. Could this be why half of us never vote?

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