Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gore Finds His Nuts

Too bad he didn't speak like this while he was campaigning for president. Maybe the cajones outbreak is contagious and will spread to other hitherto gutless Democrats.

Part Three of Maureen Farrell's excellent three-part series, "Modern History You Can't Afford to Ignore" is here. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to know what the supposedly liberal media is ignoring.

Who the hell comprises the 41 percent? The Bush administration is defined by lies and/or incompetence: false pre-war intelligence, Abu Ghraib, the CIA leak, NSA wiretaps, Jack Abramoff, fake news reports, election fraud, not to mention Bush's notorious inability to form a coherent sentence. Who, then, is still in favor of this bozo? Only blind brand loyalty can explain the fact that four in 10 Americans still support this obvious crook. Do us all a favor, hicks, go back to watching rednecks driving in circles and leave politics to us.

Several obnoxious e-mails, like the childish "Bad American" rant and the "Hurricane Rules" horseshit have been attributed to George Carlin, Andy Rooney, Robin Williams and others. This is patently false. These e-mails were written by pea-brained, sub-human ignoramuses (you can tell by the glaring misspellings) who have nothing better to do between NASCAR events and monster truck rallies other than to compose what they consider incisive screeds, attach famous people's names to them and spam them all over the universe. Next time you get one of these e-mails, visit this site to determine its authenticity. Or do what I do and simply delete it before you read it.

Speaking of George Carlin, he's had some health problems lately, but he seems to be doing okay now. Hang in there, George. We already lost one comedic genius this winter; we're not ready for another blow.


Pissedoffcabbie said...

Yes, then, would the crackers in the pickup trucks please stay out of San Francisco? There's no reason for you to be here. And, stop hanging your heads out the window and hooting at the women, and getting them pissed at the rest of us.

We need Al Gore like a stag needs a hat-rack. I'd rather have a dead Paul Wellstone for president than Al Gore alive.

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Big Daddy Malcontent said...

I'd rather have Gore than that smirking, coke-addled dildo we've got now.