Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Legalize It - Peter Tosh (Remastered)


MarkGisleson said...

Not just remastered I think. Sounds like a live dubby version to me. It also sounds much slower than my album copy and I was pretty hardcore about making sure my turntable was running at the right speed.

MarkGisleson said...

Hmm, you made me look.

It's the original, but in all honesty it didn't benefit from the remastering. The extra sound seems to all be incidental to the music (what I thought was live I know think is just the sound of the musicians moving around).

Yeah, the more I listen to the two side by side, the more I think this remastering is just someone playing with the reverb but not cleaning up the ambient noise.

Big Daddy Malcontent said...

Yeah, the term "remastered" is defined very broadly sometimes. It could even be an effort by whoever posted the vid on YouTube. I only posted it here to commemorate 4/20.